The Interpublic Ltd.

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The Interpublic Ltd carpenter company has been working for 20 years close to Budapest, at Sóskút. Established as a small family enterprise it has developed into a remarkable company later on representing a unique style. Due to both the on-going technical development of 500 m2 workshop and the excelent skilled workers,
complete office furnitures, installation of exhibitions, special furnitures are manufactured. We have experience to make the smallest carpenter work up to the large scale of furniture units so the different demands of individuals and companies are being met.

Along with interior decorators and contracting parties the final answer for the different tasks is determined together that results in generally a special, unique combination.

The final design of the furnitures is presented to our clients on a detailed plan and also on a vision figure of its look. We are aware that the essence is hidden in the details so special emphasis are laid on the niceties.

The secret of the style of Interpublic furnitures is that the skilled workers are in the know of handicraft traditions in the meantime they apply the most uptodate technique so the client receives what he really wanted according to her/his concept, taste and demand.


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